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Eric Tessmann therapist headshot

Eric Marshall Tessmann, LSW

 Pronouns: He/Him/His

Aurora & Oswego Offices

Licensed Social Worker

Works with Adolescent and Adult Individuals

Eric says: “Joy and suffering are two sides of the same coin. They define each other and balance each other. However, we can often lose our balance and get stuck in suffering. I want you to know you aren’t alone in this journey. Hope is real. Change is possible. Calmness, peace, and stability are attainable. My purpose in life is to help you rediscover those feelings of calmness, peace, and stability. I invite you to take those first steps towards healing by spending time with me. My office is a friendly, relaxing, non-judgmental environment where you can unburden yourself with the baggage you've collected over time. Whether you want to work on general goal-setting, difficult trauma, or anything in-between, I am here for you."

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